What is Do!nation Project?

A nonprofit organization aimed at increasing the number of committed and registered organ and tissue donors in Canada.

This nonprofit group will rely completely on financial support from corporate and private sponsors. Do!nation Project is currently in a fund-raising phase and will launch it's first campaign in the fall of 2011.

Each week, 5 Canadians die because the organ donation that could save their lives is not available. These deaths are preventable. If organs were available, these lives could be saved.

As a leading health-care nation, Canada has the technology and means to provide transplant solutions, yet we cannot meet the demand.

  • Donation rates are low relative to world standards and Canada ranks poorly compared to other developed countries.
  • 95% of Canadians claim to support organ and tissue donation, but only 35% are committed donors.

Why are there so few donors?

Canadians are not aware of the urgent need for organ and tissue donors. They are not aware that organ and tissue donation can save thousands of lives, and they do not know how to become donors. There is a false perception that religious groups oppose organ and tissue donation, when in fact, most religious groups endorse organ and tissue donation.

So what do we do?

Do!nation Project will launch an ongoing, national campaign to:

  • Draw attention to the poor state of organ and tissue donation in Canada.
  • Build mass awareness and acceptance of organ and tissue donation.
  • Educate the public about the miracle of transplantation.
  • Urge Canadians to become organ and tissue donors.